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Most recently, on March 17, 2019, a new eco-pub of the Apsheronsk brewery was opened in Krasnodar. The pub is located on Dimitrov street, 69/1.

Novelties of the plant - 4 craft beer varieties, classical beer "USSR" as well as traditional sorts of beer "Svetloye", "Barnoye", "Avtorskoye" and "Temnoye" – are unveiled in the new eco-pub to guests. 

Just as in other pubs of the brewery chain, at Dimitrov street one can savour tank beer. The Apsheronsk brewery became one of the pioneers in producing and selling it to the customer in Krasnodar region.   

For the first time tank beer emerged in mid-90th last century in the Czech Republic. The beer at the plant is poured directly into special tank trucks somewhat resembling fuel tankers and water tankers.

In a pub, the beer is pumped into a special stainless steel tank vessel. There is a sterile disposable polypropylene bag inside the tank that protects beer against exposure to air and tank wall. From the tank the beer gets directly into a beer tap.

Thus, the beer needs no pasteurization, has more fresh taste, low saturation with carbon dioxide and less frothy cap.

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